BARS Consult is a consulting company specialized in project funding, research and analysis. The focus of the company is on good governance, improving the business environment, modernization of the administration, transparency and citizen participation. Further, the company provides consulting services in the field of public procurement and accounting services.

BARS Consult spreads on clients in the public, private and NGO sectors at international, national, regional and local level. The team of the company is composed of professionals with extensive practical and academic experience.

BARS Consult is a reliable partner whose core values are integrity, commitment, partnership, responsibility, quality, dignity and respect.

The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Core values

  • integrity
  • commitment
  • partnership
  • responsibility
  • quality
  • dignity and respect

Areas of practice

  • good governance
  • business environment improving
  • modernization of administration
  • transparency
  • citizen participation


  • Project Development under Programmes funded by EU and other donor funds
  • Project Management
  • Research and analysis
  • Consultancy in public procurement
  • Accounting Services


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Project: IT PraXis
Practices for Young IT Professionals

The partnership between business and professional high schools in ICT sector continues with a new project for training practices abroad

For the second consecutive year, the successful partnership established within the National consortium in the field of vocational education and training between BARS Consult and Vocational High School of Computer Technologies and Systems - Pravets, Vocational High School of Audio, Video and Telecommunication "A. St. Popov " - Sofia, and Vocational High School of Engineering and Light Industry - Popovo, won a grant under Erasmus + Programme of European Union for the realization of students' training practices abroad. The project is implemented in partnership with the Instituto d'Istruzione Superiore "L. Da Vinci" and ICT companies from Sicily, Italy.

The project is aimed mainly at students from the XI grade of the partners' high schools who are trained in the professions "Computer systems technician" and "Programmer". The participation of prominent students of X and XII grades is acceptable. The participation will be certified by Europass Mobility Certificates will detailed information about the acquired competencies. The project's practices will be recognized as production practices of the students' specialty. Practices are scheduled to take place in Sicily (Italy) for two weeks after the end of the 2017/2018 school year.

Application Documents:


Application Form

Europass Documents

Participants' comments on the organization of mobility, including pre-information and preparation, transport, hotel, food, cultural events, on-site support, and on the work programmes during mobility, incl. mentoring and support, practical direction, new knowledge and skills, usefulness, conditions and atmosphere:

"Excellent organization backed by a superb hotel and unique food that allowed me to touch the Italian culture. I was welcomed in the company. Exclusive support and a friendly environment have helped me relax and use my full potential. I have definitely learned a lot of new and useful knowledge that will be of great importance for my future development."
– Svetoslav Ts.

"The organization was great, the experience was amazing, and the guys who guided us were friendly. Everything was unique, and the moments we lived during our stay were unforgettable. The work programme and the company we worked in were greatly tailored to our skills. Mentors and all others we met were very friendly and helped us carry out our tasks. An amazing experience!"
– Viktor K.

"The organization offers many opportunities for us. The setting and service of the hotel was more than impeccable. The setting in the workplace was very pleasant and with many opportunities to learn new knowledge that will help me in the future."
– Stefani М.

"The atmosphere at the hotel was excellent. The staff were very pleasant and helpful, and the organization before and during the internship was excellent. At the end of my internship in the company, my impressions are entirely positive. The friendly attitude and responsiveness of the employees corresponds to the corporate values set out in the vision and mission of the company."
– Krasimir Аn.

"I thank all who helped to implement this project for the development of the new generation that will rule Bulgaria! I quickly take up new jobs and easily adapt to changes in working conditions. I am interested in the systemic administration of banking and corporate networks, information security in large institutions. I would like to be a computer specialist in one of the following areas - system programming, application software, cybersecurity, web design."
– Svetoslav B.

"Thanks to the Bars Consult, we have enjoyed unforgettable moments, created new friendships and gained experience that will serve us for life. The work programme was tailored to our skills. Employees in the company were friendly and helped us carry out our tasks. Amazing experience!"
– Yasmina D.

"The organization (Bars Consult) offers very good opportunities for each of us. I am extremely pleased with the work programme. I have received new knowledge that will be very useful to me."
– Pamela N.

"The transportation was very good, the hotel - clean and very beautiful, the food - very delicious! The work was very good and pleasant, they taught us many new and interesting things, for which I am very grateful!"
– Svetoslav P.

"Excellent organization. Very well-selected places to stay. Very good organization of the cultural programme. On-site support was at the right level. Good mentoring and on-site support in companies. Diverse and provocative thinking about developing a new skills programme. The new knowledge obtained is of exceptional utility for the future development of the participants. In addition, it can be stressed that conditions and the atmosphere contributed further to the implementation of the work program."
– Krasimir Il. (ICT teacher – accompanying person)

"The atmosphere in the hotel and the city was excellent. The staff was very friendly and outgoing, and offered us a varied and delicious meals. No remarks! The attitude of our mentor and the people who helped us were very friendly and they tried to encourage us all the time with a friendly smile and I stayed only with good impressions on them. Work on site and the environment were also excellent and I have absolutely no remarks about anything."
– Aleksandar Gr.

"The hotel we were staying in was great. The food was very varied and allowed me to touch the Italian culture. I think work has helped me acquire important skills for my future job."
– Deyan D.

"I am very surprised by the good organization. Everything was great! The food was very tasty and always fresh! I learned a lot of useful things from this internship, which will be very useful for me."
– Aleksandar Аt.

"During my stay I was fascinated by the hotel atmosphere. The furnishing of the rooms was unique! The food was typical for a coastal town. Over the two-week period I have been given knowledge and skills and details that will be of great help to me."
– Mitko D.

"My stay here was a nice experience. The hotel was on a high level. The service was also very good. The food was surprising and pleasant! My job was very useful to me and everything was on the level. The relationship with the company was excellent!"
– Teodor М.

"The place and the simplicity were excellent, the cultural program was interesting. The hotel and the food were great. Despite some difficulties with the road to and from the workplace, I believe I have acquired new skills and have got a clearer picture of work."
– Vladimir Iv.

"Excellent organization, no remarks. I learned a lot, especially for the business sphere, and really made use of the time spent in the company."
– Deyan М.

"Very good organization. Everything was great!"
– Tsenko Y.

"I am very pleased with the organization. The group leader (consortium coordinator) is very organized and well prepared. She was dealing with all questions and unexpected situations. I highly appreciate her efforts and the desire for inclusion of all of us. I am extremely pleased with the organization of the work programme. Specialist-mentors have been selected. I have always been informed about daily programmes and their changes, which is important to me. In general, the work programme is extremely useful."
– Semona К.

"I liked everything. The food was great. I have no complaints. Atmosphere at work was great. It was extremely useful and I learned a lot of new things."
– Aleksandar V.

"I am very pleased with everything. The food at the hotel was very delicious, the hotel was very good and the whole organization was very good. The atmosphere at work was excellent as well as the conditions. It was useful and I learned new things."
– Teodor Zh.

"I liked everything. I have no complaints. The food and the hotel were great. Preliminary information and preparation was all right. Cultural events - interesting. In transport and on-site support, too, everything was accurate. Work has given me a lot of useful knowledge. I received support. The conditions and the atmosphere were good. Everything was great!"
– Mihail St.

"The organization was at a good level. Food, transport - everything was cosily and comfortable! The work was pleasant. I have received many knowledge and skills that will help me in the future."
– Viktor St.

"The hotel staff welcomed us with open arms and were very kind to us. All employees in the company maintained a good relationship with us and always excelled adequately when needed."
– Aleksandar Аg.

"Everything was at a very good level. We saw many cultural attractions. The organization was at a very good level. The food, the hotel - too. The students also saw and learned lot of new knowledge that would help them in their professional realization. I believe that the experience and what have been seen will enrich us mentally, culturally, professionally."
– Hristiyan Iv. (ICT teacher – accompanying person)

"The hotel and the food were great. An incredible experience! The job was very interesting, the boss was a great guy. Also, I learned a lot of new things that will help me in the future."
– Iskren V.

"I really liked the organization and the hotel. Everything was level! At work, I learned a lot of things that I'm sure will help."
– Deyan Y.

"I am very pleased with the transport and the hotel! My job was very good. They've learned new things, working with new programs..."
– Ruzhdi R.

"The hotel is very cozy and pleasant. The food is very good and the people are very nice and kind. In the workplace, they have taught me new things in programming. With our mentor, we've done several projects like site, site ideas, phone apps..."
– Plamen St.

"It is a great and indescribable challenge to fit into the work environment and to be useful to professional IT companies, leaders in the Italian industry. And see professionals who work hard, organized and purposeful, despite the different pace and pulse of our workday in Bulgaria. I thank Bars Consult in the face of Dr. Juliana Hadjitchoneva for the opportunity to touch me to be part of such a great project supporting future young IT specialists."
- eng. Rosalia An. (ICT teacher – accompanying person)

"Almost all the officials were constantly following up on whether we were all well and whether everything was on track. They also managed to cope quickly with unforeseen situations that it is normal to emerge. The work programme is at a very high level. The companies that welcomed us were with very good and friendly staff who helped us when we were in trouble. Thanks to them, with my colleague, we were able to see and understand a lot about the life of the citizen of the city."
- Velizar K.

Project № 2017-1-BG01-KA102-035799 is financed under Erasmus+ Programme of European Union.
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